Made With 100% Blackness

A message to our Black sisters and brothers from the creator: I am in you, as you are in me.

Dual Citizen celebrates the essence of African/Black heritage; cultures, beauty, traditions, origins, and identities. Dual Citizen aims to not only encourage but also strengthen bonds of solidarity between Black people all over the world. The creator, Comfort Maria was rooted in Nigeria, raised in Chicago and rebirth in Ghana. In 2015, she traveled to Accra, Ghana for the first time as an adult. It was during this trip that she realized that she wanted to do something to bring all Black people together and highlight the beauty of being Black. Dual Citizen officially launched in 2018. Maria believes that Black people must become familiar with the various cultures, distinct and influential that are within our race. From experience, she knows that doing so will unify us and strengthen our identity. Gone are the days when we consider ourselves different from one another. As a tribe, if we understood how powerful we are together; we will flourish in our truth and continue to remain the influencers of the world.