About Dual Citizen Co

This brand, created by Comfort Maria aims to encourage Black people all over the world; Africa and Diaspora to know their identity, discover themselves, and understand that we all are connected.
The brand name, Dual Citizen is acknowledging the essence of our identity; our origin and destination. In 2015, she traveled to Accra, Ghana for the first time as an adult. It was during this trip that she realized that she wanted to do something to bring all Black people together.  
Dual Citizen officially launched in 2018 featuring t-shirts that celebrated and highlighted Black culture. 
To know who you are and where you come from is to know that you are a Dual Citizen.  As a tribe, if we understood how powerful we are together; we would flourish in our truth and continue to remain the influencers of the world. We must teach each other our cultures and embrace it as one to strengthen our identity as Black people.